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Mission: To establish a local mission in inner-city Allentown that ministers material, evangelical & discipleship services to those who church and society find most difficult to reconcile to God and to the community in which they live.

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  The Jerusalem House Story

On April 27, 1988, Dan Adams was delivered from a life of drugs, alcohol, crime and the destructive lifestyle that went along with these things, when he turned to God through faith in Jesus Christ.Over the next few years Dan received a clear call that led him back to the inner city environment that continues to create socially handicapped, dysfunctional human beings, only this time he had a vision of hope and deliverance, and a new life as proof of his convictions.



In 1993, with his wife Peaches and others who shared his vision, he started Jerusalem House Ministries as a resource for those who are unable to overcome their social handicaps, dysfunction, and inability to achieve the most basic hopes and dreams of our society.These are our neighbors who are (or at risk of) falling through the cracks of our Christ based efforts.



Jerusalem House has since served our neighbors (1) physically, by soliciting resources from groups & individuals to meet the needs of those to whom our supporters are often separated by society’s boundaries; and (2) spiritually, by providing a faith based fellowship where each person, is accepted, encouraged and supported in the process of restoring them to social stability. As an evangelical mission, our desire to share Jesus Christ is foundational to all we do, but the only requirement to support our work is a compassionate heart, and to receive our services, need.Like Jesus, our concern is for people, not religion.



Since 1993, we have united committed supporters with members of our fellowship to develop and resource a family of ministries to our neighbors.