In 1993, with his wife Peaches and others who shared his vision, Dan Adams started Jerusalem House Ministries as a resource for those who are unable to overcome their social handicaps and dysfunction and their inability to achieve some of the most basic hopes and dreams of our society. These are our neighbors who are (or at risk of) falling through the cracks of our Christ based efforts.  As an evangelical mission, our desire to share Jesus Christ is foundational to all we do and the only requirement to receive our services is need.  Since 1993, we have united committed supporters with members of our fellowship to develop and engage in body, soul and spirit ministries to the poor and poorest of our neighbors.  We love everybody, and you’re next!

1 Thessalonians 5:23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jerusalem House Ministers to the Body

 There are five essential needs to a human body: oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep.  The poor’s great difficulty in achieving a standard of sufficiency in each of these areas of necessity puts them at daily risk.  We can do little to alleviate problems with poor oxygen except to counsel and encourage abstinence from air and body pollutants such as cigarettes and drugs.  We address the other body needs with resources that range from children and adult pampers; assorted food and beverage products; new and lightly used clothing, bedding, and bath accessories; personal hygiene items; and community resource counsel & advocacy, all of which reduce pressure on limited budgets.  This allows our poor neienghbors to afford the often disproportionately expensive housing they are to often forced to rent.  Without meeting these basic needs of the body it is difficult to address the deeper needs of soul and spirit.      

Jerusalem House Ministers to the Spirit

  As a Bible based ministry we believe that the ultimate need and duty of humanity is to have faith in the Salvation and Lordship of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  We believe that since Adam & Eve, all of humanity has been crippled by their inability to know God, because they are born with the need for a regenerated spirit.  Without this regenerated spirit we are dead in our relationship to God and eternally condemned because of our sinful nature and acts of sin.  We are ruled by the world, the flesh (body & soul) and the devil.  Our only hope is to be born again from heaven.  We minister to this spiritual need of individuals and families through bible based evangelical and discipleship ministries within a small, family based fellowship that is  devoted to studying God’s word, loving and worshiping God, loving each other, prayer and sharing among ourselves and with our neighbors as God’s children and as brothers and sisters.

Jerusalem House Ministers to the Soul

The soul, which consists of our thoughts, emotions and choices, stuggles with the five basic needs of identity, acceptance, significance, satisfaction and security in a very social world.  When these needs are not met our thoughts, emotions and choices are negatively impacted.  The poor have the greatest difficulty achieving these needs because of the great stress, strife and instability they experience in each of these areas throughout their lives.  We address these needs by offering individual & group counsel and fellowship based on the 31 biblical principles of one-another standards, which constantly affirm our human value and gives us guidelines for healthy human interaction, the main one being to love one another.  Peaches adds to these efforts by offering counsel to anchor the soul through her speaking ministry “Where is Your Anchor”? The healthiest souls are those informed by a divinely regenerated human spirit.