We Love Everybody, and You’re Next!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We just welcomed the unofficial start to the summer with a community cookout for Memorial Day, serviced by our friends from New Life ELC. The next cookout, our annual “Michal’s Fun Day”, will be on June 16th with another to follow in July, and then our “Back to School” event in August. These cookouts are an important part of our ministry to our neighbors and we pray some churches, like New Life, will volunteer to service them. I appreciated how important these cookouts are when a neighbor told me today how she cried when she realized she missed this one. As it was, everyone had plenty of fun, food and fellowship and then took a plate home for their evening meal.

Our men’s group is also planning to offer a lunch, every Wednesday while the children are out of school this summer, to try and help the many children in our neighborhood who are dependent on school lunches. We are hoping to offer hot dogs, side dishes, cold drinks, and love. We have discussed offering these lunches on more than one day of the week, but at this point we are having great difficulty meeting our other financial responsibilities. Offering lunch for even this one day will be a stretch. We have even had to juggle our bill money to stock the food bank, financial difficulty being what it is, and people needing to eat. As in most years past, we have not been receiving the same level of support as the first four months of the year and believe me we are feeling it. As we prepare to enter the summer months we are hoping to avoid the financial difficulty each summer past has brought, and so we are sending this plea for support.

Please consider that without your support Jerusalem House Ministries cannot minister to the poorest of the poor. The many of you who faithfully give, according to your pledge, are the foundation of our financial budget. Unfortunately, what you give is not enough to meet our monthly expenses no matter how many corners we cut. What we need, especially through the difficult summer months, is the support of you who have not pledged but through the years have made special financial gifts. We desperately need your help now and perhaps a special gift from those of you who make a monthly pledge to meet our budget needs. Please help with your most affordable financial gift and please consider your group or church servicing one of our summer cookouts, and/or providing for a children’s lunch, and/or providing food for our food bank. As always, we greatly appreciate anything and everything you do and pray God’s blessings upon you and yours.

Dan, Peaches, Michal
& the Volunteers at Jerusalem House Ministries

202 N. 9TH STREET – P.O. BOX 8569 – ALLENTOWN, PA. 18105 – (610) 776-7794